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I have pre-wedding Jitters, what does it mean?

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Majority of people get pre-wedding jitters. You know, that sick feeling to your stomach, sweaty palms, severe anxiety and doubts. You may even be wondering if saying yes to the proposal in the first place was the right thing to do. The fact that you’re having pre-wedding jitters doesn’t mean you call off the wedding or that your marriage is doomed.

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There are several reasons why anyone would have pre-wedding jitters or cold feet as it is most commonly known and there are different ways to avoid and/or get rid of it.

 One of the main reasons for pre-wedding jitters could be psychological. Perhaps you grew up in a home watching two parents whose marriage was less than ideal or emotionally scarring. As children it is easy to internalize the mistakes and faults of those to whom we look up to. We carry these scars subconsciously repressed until we are faced with a similar situation. Maybe you’re nervous that you may turn out to be like your mom or dad and that your marriage might mirror what you experienced. There are several ways in which one can get rid of psychological scars and professional help is available to take care of that.

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Look at your list of invitees, is there someone or some people you may not want present? Then don’t invite them. Are there any big item things that are weighing you down financially? Be true to yourself and eliminate them.

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Could it be just too much excitement that you confuse with cold feet? Sometimes, in big events like these, our emotions get all jumbled up. Take time, meditate, pray and think about why you’re marrying in the first place, that should bring you back to your center of bliss and confidence.

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If after doing all the above you still feel unsure, perhaps it is time to listen to your intuition. What does your heart say? Forget logic, forget that you may disappoint people if you cancel the wedding, what is your heart trying to say to you? Maybe you’re not quite ready to make the big step; maybe you need more time with this person; maybe you just need to push the date ahead to give you-- and your partner-- space to process all your erupting feelings and concerns.