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The Perfect Wedding Dress?

Is There Really a  Perfect Wedding Dress?

So, you’ve been dreaming of this perfect day ever since you were a child. You’ve rehearsed it over and over in your imagination and finally the day is here; you’ve met the man of your dreams and you can’t wait to plan everything exactly as you’ve pictured it in your mind for all those years. And, yes, you deserve it all, after all dreams do come true. One of the most, if not the most, important aspect of planning a wedding is your wedding dress. Truth is, there is no perfect wedding dress but there is a RIGHT DRESS FOR YOU!

Eventurnup Blue Dress 

Planning a wedding is somewhat stressful and pursuing perfection is just an added way to rob yourself of the joy of planning. Go out there knowing there is a right dress for you. Eliminate all the angst and frustration that comes with comparison; the word perfect insinuates it’s being compared to others which are less perfect.

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A healthy, joyful outlook of knowing no matter what happens, you’ll eventually find that dress that will ‘call’ out your name; you’ll love it, your mother will love it and your friends will as well but most importantly you will KNOW it feels right. Don’t throw your budget off by chasing the ‘perfect’ one; no matter the situation, stay within your budget. Remember what’s most important is that you’re getting married to the one you love and that your wedding is as unique as your love story. There is no reason pilling up unexpected expenses when what you want is unexpected, lovely memories. The key to having the perfect wedding dress is setting your priorities in check, staying within your budget and enjoying the process of finding the right dress for you; in the long run it is you who makes the dress perfect and not the other way around.

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 Author: Bernice Angoh



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Nice Read. I agree with the premise. Nkt really looking forward to this part of the wedding
- fruest87@outlook.com, Tuesday, 18 Apr, 2017

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