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Picking your Wedding or Event Photographer - What You should know

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When you think memories, you think photos. Yes, there will be memories in our hearts and minds that no one can replace or erase, but for those moments when words are too few to express, photos help. Choosing a great wedding or event photographer is incredibly important.

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Referral: Some of the best photographers have been referrals. It is easy to see beautiful photos from a friend’s or family member’s wedding and know if you love their work and artistry or not.

Knowing how much you’d like to spend on wedding photos also gives you room to choose who you’d want to capture your day. Would you rather go with a seasoned photographer or opt for an up-and-coming photographer, much less expensive, who is trying to build his/her portfolio, or do you have a friend whose photo-taking skills can pretty much compare to any professional’s. You must take into consideration the years of experience, style, artistry and convenience. There are many local and out-of-state photographers who charge traveling fees. Make sure you have the details of all the charges before hand and stay within your budget.

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Do you jive with your photographer? During your interview, you’ll have a feel of your photographer’s demeanor. This is very important because you will be spending lots of time with this person on a very special day of your life and it is crucial that you feel comfortable with having them around your family and friends. Do your research about this person, if possible ask for testimonies and people who you can call up and ask how he or she is to work with. Your photographer could easily become a friend, someone, who if you get along well with, can end up capturing not only your wedding, but your future family’s every milestone; birthdays, baptisms and more.

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Your wedding photographer is the one you choose to do the most important job of being the extra pair of eyes when yours are focused on the person you’re about to marry—choose wisely.


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