"Mother in-law" or "Monster in-law"

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Mother in-laws have been demonized for decades in many cultures, especially here in the U.S. Movies have been made like ‘Monster in-law’, books have been written and blogs have popped up to explore the dynamics between a mother in-law and her son or daughter in-law. Though they carry some truths, not all mother in-laws are out to get you or make your marriage a living hell. There are actually many more loving mother in-law/daughter or son in-law relationships. Here are five steps to getting along with your mother in-law:

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  1. Don’t assume: Just because you’ve heard that most in-law relationships can be stressful doesn’t mean yours will be one. You can have a loving and enriching relationship with your mother in-law. She may not despise you; she may not think you’re there to take her place; she may actually love you and want the best for your relationship.
  2. Get to know her: Spend time with your mother in-law, have honest conversations; this will not only help you build a good friendship but also allow you to know the dynamics between her and her son. You can actually learn very valuable tips on marriage from a good mother in-law.
  3. Put yourself in her shoes: You may become her one day. You may have sons and when you do you’ll be as protective as she is. Every good mother loves her children and even when they become adults they will always be ‘her babies’; they want their children to be loved, respected and cared for.
  4. She raised the man you married: Your mother in-law must have done something good to raise a man worth marrying because you married the man she raised. Give her some credit.
  5. Do it for love: Don’t try to come between him and his mother whom he loves and adores. If anything, strive to cultivate an amicable and fulfilling relationship with her. Do it for him; do it for love.

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Author: Bernice Angoh



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