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The Right Wedding Cake For You

Tips for chosing the right Wedding Cakes

In almost every traditional wedding, there is a cake. These are usually served during the reception after the wedding ceremony. Not everyone is fond of cakes;

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 I have heard of couples opting for cupcakes, pizza, wedding breakfasts and all sorts of other unsuspecting ideas. I truly believe a wedding is as personal as you want to make it but if you should choose to go the traditional route, here are some things you may want to consider:

  1. Budget: Everything comes down to budget. How much to you have to spend on a cake? Do you want it professionally done or do you have an aunt you can call who makes the most spectacular cakes? This is totally up to you. Again, there is no right or wrong, most people just want an eye-catching and tasty cake and have no problem who makes it.
  2. How many people are coming for the wedding: Most wedding cakes have several tiers and are generous enough to have everyone taste a piece of it. Traditionally, part of the cake is saved for the couple to freeze and share on their first year anniversary or on their first child’s birthday; so this tier can be made just to suit the couple’s taste. Keep in mind that not all the guests will want a piece of the cake either; some people just don’t care for sweets and some may be allergic to some ingredient in the cake.
  3. What kind of cake do you want? So many couples who work with a wedding planner have the luxury of trying out several different cakes before they make a decision. If you’re working on a limited budget, it is wise to choose what, generally, most people like or just choose what you and your partner enjoy. You are also allowed to make a different flavor/cake for each tier.

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Apart from a well-thought out food menu, a wedding cake is the second centerpiece at the reception; the first is you and your partner.



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