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8 Ways to Know You are Ready to Get Married

8 Ways to Know You are Ready to Get Married

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Most people are simply in love with the idea of getting married but have no clue what it entails or how to know if you’re ready to get married. Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean it’s time to rush to the altar and just because you’ve been together for a while is not a permission slip either. Marriage is not a one-sided affair. Marriage is the union of two people who’ve decided to grow together, support one another and allow each other’s individuality to shine while doing so. Here are seven ways you can know if you’re ready to get married:

You’ve talked about marriage. Yes, you’ve both sat down on several occasions and talked about living together, growing together, having children and building a partnership. If you cannot or have not talked about getting married maybe you or both of you are not quite ready yet.


You are vulnerable with each other. There is no better foundation upon which to build a partnership than trust. To be vulnerable is to not only trust the other but trust yourself. To be vulnerable means you love and accept who you are and are not afraid to be judged. A solid friendship of mutual respect and trust is very essential with the person you intend to marry.

You’re both open about money. Statistically the number one reason for divorce in America is financial. Being open about your finances is an incredible way to build trust in any relationship.

You don’t question how your partner feels about you. There is no maybe when it comes to love. When someone loves you, you will know without a doubt by his/her actions. Love is easy and simple and love’s secret is always in its doings.

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You have no desire to go back to any exes or continue to ‘sew your oats’. You feel ready and committed to the next phase in your relationship.

You know what you’re looking for in a life partner. To know what you’re looking for you must be willing to see those same aspects in yourself. When you know who you are, you will know what you want in a partner. Working on your own issues helps alleviate most of the problems people usually bring into a marriage. That said, marriage is also a good vehicle for growth in both people.

Your partner is always included in your plans when you think of the future.

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You have no expectations. This is the main reasons why relationships fail; people come into marriage with a long rooster of expectations. Drop it! This is an adventure and why spoil the fun and surprises with a list of expectations.