About Us

Ever had a reason to celebrate? A wedding, birthday party, graduation, quincea├▒eras, baby shower or a bachelor's party? Ever had to struggle to find a venue, a limo service, a photographer, a caterer, a DJ, a performer, rent a yacht, or even an event planner for your events? Worry no more, EvenTurnUp was developed specifically for you. It is market place of hand selected and highly performing vendor partners that work together to take away your stress.

EvenTurnUp utilizes highly sophisticated algorithms to seek out only service providers that best meet your request. It works in 3 simple steps:

1. You fill out a request form for specific services
2. Submit your request for free quotes
3. Sit back and relax
Through service and an unrelenting focus on customer service EvenTurnUp aims to become the number 1 destination in the wedding and event services industry.

Have an Event? EvenTurnUp.Com, submit a request and Turn up.